Alien Fight Club!

AFC is really taking shape.  A big thanks to martial arts expert, Carmine Downey, our guest tutor.  As this private workshop grows, I’m hoping to begin offering open classes to the public.  If you’ve ever wondered how to fight like your favorite comic book hero…sign up to my mailing list for more info.  Coming Soon!

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Cat Skillz Production Stills Part 2

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Combat Con 2012

Truly an honor to be invited to Combat Con 2012.  You could feel the gravity of such a talented and dedicated group of people.  I had the pleasure of joining the celebrated names of Robert Goodwin, Luke LaFontaine, Kyle Rowling, Neal Stephenson, and Tony Wolf.

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Cat Skillz Production Stills

I had the pleasure of directing some very talented movers for the Cat Skillz Music Video.  Be sure to check out the video and please enjoy these production stills.  Giving you a look behind the scenes at the wonderful creativity that ensued!

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Batgirl at Comic-Con!

The lovely and talented Marisha Ray could be found protecting the innocent and kicking butt last weekend at Comic-Con.  We’ve been working tirelessly on the fight choreography for Batgirl the Web Series and we move into production this week.  Gotham City has a new hero!

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CAT SKILLZ Trading Cards

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