Working on the Youtube Studio

Earlier this month I got to work with some amazing talent as a Second Unit Director and Fight Choreographer as part of a promotional video for the new Terminator:Genisys movie.

Working with Youtube stars Lily Singh, Olga Kay and a great production team,
I was able to create 3 firefights and 2 hand to hand combat sequences for more than […]

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What is a Movement Director (long version)

My work as Movement Director with 30 years of experience performing and directing theater dance circus and film is to co-create the inner life and mechanics of motion for fantasy horror and scifi characters. The Movement Director is a liason between the VFX ,Creature designers,  stunt coordinators, fight choreographers, producers, director ,and especially the actors […]

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Frontiers : Breaking down creates possibility

Witness to the circle of need in our village 
to see our struggle, 
the struggle of the artist for the sanity of the village. 
Art is a vehicle of transformation. 
A tool of destiny. 
To survive, the human race seeks every possible tactic to stay alive. Political structures, social services, religious ritual, waste management, spiritual practices, strategic and athletic games, machine repair, […]

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BUild a Better Bunker – I Am Legend

Primal man, hunting the mastodon. 

many heads becoming one. 

in most cases I think people would love so much to become cyborgs. we already are. 

fusing with our fictions. I read and sometimes feel thatwe have at the root of our brainsa fully intact reptile brain. I read that the crocodile’s brain experiences no time, thatthere isn’t a little temporal vibrator […]

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The Queen of the Universe

In the play, “The Birds” by Aristophanes the main character of the story works diligently to convince the birds to stop being the messenger for the Gods to receive the sacrifices that humanity offers them and instead to take them for themselves and build a world not for the Gods but for humanity.
It is a […]

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Featured Speaker at Combat Con

Several days ago I was contacted by the man who choreographed the fights for
The Lord Of The Rings. Asked me if i wanted to be a featured speaker at CombatCon.
I had never heard of it. Looked it up. Looks great.
Vegas for 2 days. Get to teach my Alien Fight Club technology.
Very excited.
Check out my page […]

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